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Alcoholism treatment is essential for anyone struggling from the physical and psychological effects of substance dependence. Symptoms of alcoholism are most evident when the person experiences

physical and painful withdrawal symptoms, noticeably obsessive cravings, and a total lack of control over how much or how often they drink. Once the body builds a tolerance for the drug, and requires more of it to achieve the same results, alcoholism treatment is imperative.

Alcohol accounts for the highest level of abuse and addiction of all drugs in the United States. Over 17 percent of adults in the U.S. abuse or are dependent on alcohol, but only around 8 percent seek the treatment they need to beat the addiction. If you or a loved one is struggling with negative effects of alcohol abuse or addiction, take the first step towards recovery and find a rehab facility that best suits your needs in East Orange.

Alcohol Intervention

Intervention is the process of changing a person's thoughts and actions as they relate to self-destructive behavior. The goal is to use supportive, non-confrontational means of addressing a problem to help a person enter a treatment program. It should not include threats, coercion, blaming, or the use of force.

An intervention can be formal or informal. In formal interventions, a counselor or representative from a treatment center is present to assist in the process and make the necessary arrangements for treatment. In an informal intervention, family or friends address the addict directly. Both forms of intervention work, so long as everyone involved remembers that the intention is to guide the addict into recovery treatment.


At Drug Rehab Centers East Orange, rehab programs are offering a variety of treatment methods, including inpatient and outpatient recovery, intervention services, medical detox, individual counseling sessions, intensive therapy, and medications to ease the symptoms of withdrawal. The beginning stages of treatment for alcoholism include professional evaluation of addiction history, health conditions, and personal addiction traits. This is followed by the detox and withdrawal process, which removes the toxic substances from the patient Someone going through alcohol withdrawal can experience mood swings, fits of anger or sorrow or become suicidal, feeling that life is unbearable. Physical signs of withdrawal can include body tremors, headaches, confusion, sweating, nausea and vomiting. More severe symptoms can include hallucinations and seizures, which require immediate medical attention. With the assistance of medical professionals, patients at Drug Rehab Centers East Orange can go through the detox phase safely. Medications and 24 hour supervision are critical to the detox process, and reduce the chances of serious complications and relapse.

After Detox

Once the detox process is completed, an intense regimen of group and individual therapy, education on addiction and relapse prevention training will begin. These treatment methods help addicts to deal with additional emotional and mental causes and effects of addiction. Call Drug Rehab Centers East Orange today at (973) 915-3126.

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