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Drug treatment centers East Orange works with individuals struggling with drug abuse and addiction problems. The popular belief that drug addiction is just a habit or inability to control the abuse of drugs is naive and ignorant. Addiction is a serious problem that is considered to be a disease by medical science. Numerous scientific studies have established that abuse of drugs not only hampers the normal functioning of the brain, resulting in loss of control over one's mind, but also leaves a long lasting impact on the brain's physical and chemical structure. At Drug treatment Centers in East Orange, they understand the complexities of the disease, and what treatments are necessary to address it.

The Treatment Process

At facilities during intake, experienced addiction specialists conduct an in-depth analysis to determine the treatment needs of the individual, their psychological and emotional state, as well as their physical health status. The primary reason for this evaluation is to create a signature profile that drives the type of treatment that will work best for the patient. Many times, the underlying issues that initiated drug use are not evident on the surface. It is through this evaluation process, which often includes discussions with loved ones to help to pin point specific

areas that should be addressed, that the treatment professionals are able to put together a comprehensive treatment program.

Dual diagnosis, or the existence of an addition and mental illness, is often an issue for many drug addicts that never gets treated. Our facility takes a holistic view of treatment that includes the overall health and wellbeing of the individual in addition to the addiction that brought them to rehab in the first place. There is no singular treatment plan that will work for everyone. As a patient goes through the process of rehabilitation, the treatment plan is amended based on the client's progress or lack of it.

The success of any treatment program has many variables. The most important component of success has to do with the commitment of the client to their full recovery. When this does not appear to be a strong factor, it automatically flags the need for special counseling sessions to understand and boost the client's desire for their own recovery. The overreaching goal of treatment programs is that individuals seek to halt drug use and gain the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent a relapse, and accomplishing this goal before they exit the facility. With that in mind, they also provide relapse prevention education and aftercare programs to help the recovering addict stay drug free.

Principles of Effective Treatment

At Drug Treatment Centers East Orange, the professional staff, mental health professionals and addiction specialists follow the principles for effective treatment as described by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. In doing so, we can ensure that every patient receives the utmost quality care and treatment for their condition. These principles are:

1. No single treatment plan works for everyone.

2. Treatment needs to be readily available.

3. Effective treatment addresses all the needs of the individual, not just substance use.

4. Treatment plans need constant assessment and modification as needed to make sure the plan meets changing needs.

5. An adequate period of time is crucial for effective treatment.

6. Counseling and other behavioral therapies are needed for effective treatment for addiction.

7. Medications are needed for many substance abusers.

8. Substance abusers with coexisting mental disorders need all disorders treated in an integrated way.

9. Medical detoxification is only the first stage of addiction treatment and cannot stand alone.

10. Treatment does not need to be voluntary to be effective.

11. Possible drug use during treatment must be monitored continuously.

12. Treatment programs should provide assessment for infectious diseases and counseling given to change risky behaviors.

13. Recovery from addiction can be a long process and can require multiple occurrences of treatment.

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