Life After Rehab

Do you believe in life after rehab? Life as a drug addict can sometimes cloud any hope for a future without drugs. Drug use seeps into every area of our lives and looms so large at times that escape may seem impossible. The truth is, there is life after rehab and millions of recovering addicts are living drug free lives to prove it. The constant flow of negative information spouted by the media cause many people to doubt that there is life after rehab. You hear of people like Robin Williams, the famous comedian who committed suicide after being in rehab. It is a head scratcher that causes many to question the effectiveness of the work being done through drug rehabilitation. But East Orange drug court Director Larry Bembry who is a strong advocate for drug rehabilitation and reform for addicts believe in its efficacy. He infers that the Drug Court program active in New Jersey is helping people change their lives. He is referring of course to the many people who drug addiction has led into a criminal lifestyle.

Why Rehab Works

For a rehab treatment program to be successful it must have two essential components. First, the addict must participate fully in the program and secondly, the program must treat beyond the addiction for long term sobriety to occur. Traditional rehab programs offer outpatient as well as short and long term residential treatment options. The main purpose of rehabilitation is to facilitate the following:

  • Halt immediately, the obsessive use of chemical substances.
  • Identify and treat underlying issues that may have initiated drug use and contributed to the addiction.
  • Help the client face up to negative life changes that their drug abuse may have caused to their health, significant relationships and finances.
  • Through therapy and various other treatment modalities, help clients to establish new behavior patterns and learn coping skills that will help them to avoid a relapse in the future.
  • Build inner confidence and strength that enable an addict to see beyond their addiction to envision or rejuvenate plans for their new lives.

Life After Rehab

Life after rehab is a return to normalcy. It is life without the obsessive searching and use of drugs. One important thing to remember is that drug addiction is a chronic disease and relapse is systemic to that disease. If relapse is treated as a commonality, recovering addicts and their loved ones may see it as a setback rather than a failure if it occurs. The most important thing to recognize about life outside of a rehab facility is that relapse is always a possibility. Recognizing this and putting such a high value on your drug free life that you avoid anything that would undo the hard work accomplished during rehab is a prescription for success.

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