MDMA Abuse and Addiction in East Orange NJ

Drug entrepreneurs are savvy these days. The mixing and blending of substances confuse law makers and excite substance abusers. But most insidious of all are the innovative names given to these drugs. The newest drug circulating at dance clubs and festivals is called Moon Rocks. It is supposed to be another name for pure MDMA. The truth is it could be any combination of potent drugs that is causing mass overdose among young adults. Lawmakers, police officers and parents are scrambling to keep up with the ever changing names, combinations and deadly effects of street drugs. According to East Orange police in a recent drug bust that was dubbed "Operation Code Blue" police seized undetermined amounts and combinations of various street drugs as well as arrested 23 people.

Street Name: Moon Rocks

It's a new take on an old drug. Moon Rocks is supposedly pure MDMA which also carry the street names Ecstasy and Molly. However, in the world of drugs, not much is "pure" anymore; so, the Moon Rocks you buy today may be a blend of heroin and crack or any other combination of drugs that give users an unpredictable high. Former users of Molly and Ecstasy are now searching for pure Moon Rocks which they say is rare, pricy and powerful. Most substance abusers who have taken Molly, Ecstasy and Moon Rocks will tell you the potency and quality of the drug is never the same.

The danger of this lies in the fact that many substance abusers are taking all types of combinations of drugs believing that they are getting pure MDMA. These combinations are not only driving addiction but causing multiple drug overdose deaths.

Effects of Moon Rocks

This drug, much like every other drugs cause changes in the user's brain. Moon Rocks in its pure MDMA form releases serotonin and dopamine which are the "feel-good" neurotransmitters. Research studies show that the effects of MDMA on post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety cause the emotional feeling in patients to improve. The consequence to abusing this drug however, is not unlike any other. The downside of Moon Rocks overdose is depression; the opposite of feeling good. Other symptoms may include hallucinations; paranoia fear and anxiety which induces jaw clenching are common symptoms of Moon Rocks abuse. Other symptoms include extreme exhaustion and even with infrequent abuse, users have been known to experience insomnia, trembling and brain fog. No matter which drug you get addicted to East Orange Drug Rehab and Treatment Centers can help you overcome drug abuse. Call our 24 hour helpline today to learn how you can recover from MDMA or Moon Rocks addiction. Call Drug Rehab Centers East Orange today at (973) 915-3126.

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