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Some of the most effective recovery programs are based on Alcoholics Anonymous' 12-step recovery program. They are designed to include concepts such as the discontinuation of substance abuse, recognizing one's lack of self-control, and recognizing that the need to abuse is a compulsion. Other concepts include admitting a restoration to health and sobriety is only available with the belief in a higher power, examining past transgressions with a sponsor, making amends for those transgressions, committing to learn new and healthy behaviors, and using this newfound knowledge to help other addicts. This is a behavior-oriented recovery approach used among many recovery programs. Behavioral therapy and teaching life skills to cope with specific situations are the focus. While there is an acknowledgement of emotional and physiological roots of addiction, the behavioral focus looks to teaching addicts how to deal with life and stay on the road to sobriety, in practical and behavioral terms. The most effective recovery programs incorporate these concepts. Drug Rehab Centers East Orange, can assist in finding the best rehabs and treatment options.

Behavioral Treatment Therapies in Recovery Programs

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT works to do away with behaviors and thinking that lead to damaging consequences. By focusing on the behaviors that lead to these destructive tendencies, with particular ways to react and behave to become constructive, the goal is to reinforce the constructive behaviors so they continue.

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing concentrates on setting goals for the individual and then developing behaviors to meet those end goals. Any conflicting feelings are examined so they can be resolved into wholesome behaviors. Counselors shape specific actions with the individual to address the specific situation.

Motivational Incentives

First, the individual's conduct needing modification is identified. Then, a specified plan to give rewards is implemented as the desired conduct is displayed. As more desirable behaviors are

performed, rewards are increased as positive reinforcement for these behaviors and feelings to continue.

Other Behavioral Therapy

Other behavioral therapies used in recovery programs and known to be effective:

Group meetings: Individuals with substance abuse issues meet on a regular basis to discuss their problems and challenges. This lessens feelings of isolation and shame in the individual, as they can physically be with people who are in the same situation they are in, who face the same struggles. This peer support is effective in treating substance abuse.

Art therapy: The goal of art therapy is to use a hands-on approach. The individual has the experience of using their hands to express their feelings and emotions. Since trauma, physical

abuse and mental abuse are common among substance abusers, the need to express these feelings is paramount. Expressing these issues, with the accompanying emotions of shame and pain, make it difficult to do verbally. Art therapy is an outlet for those painful feelings and emotions without having to verbalize them.

Each individual is unique and responses to treatment are also unique. Some patients respond to treatment more quickly or positively than others. Physical make-up, brain chemical changes,

environmental and severity of abuse are just several factors that make an individual's response to treatment unique. The importance of a comprehensive plan, that is flexible and uses many

approaches, increase the success of an individual becoming and staying substance-free.

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